(NEWSER) – Another neighbor testified at Oscar Pistorius' murder trial today, saying she heard "terrified, terrified screaming" that didn't sound as though it was emanating from an enclosed space, like a bathroom, the morning of Reeva Steenkamp's death, the Telegraph reports. But the most attention-grabbing part of today's testimony took the form of texts between Pistorius and Steenkamp, which were shown on monitors. While a police IT expert said 90% of the WhatsApp messages were normal and "loving," a small portion showed a complicated, jealous relationship. A sampling, per Sky News, the Telegraph, and theIndependent:


  • Steenkamp: "I'm scared of u sometimes and how u snap at me and of how u will react to me."
  • "I do everything to make u happy and to not say anything to rock the boat with u. You do everything to throw tantrums in front of people."
  • "I'm sorry you think I was hitting on my friend's husband and u think so little of me. I just want to be loved and to love. Right now I am very unhappy and sad"

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