Olympics Day 8 - Athletics

 Los Angeles might not end up with the 2024 Summer Olympics, but the city could get the 2028 Games.  International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach held a press conference and announced a new IOC group that is set to look at the candidate process for Olympic cities.  There's no guarantee changes will be made to the selection process, but Bach says the new group is going to look at all ideas.  

Bach says there is a chance that when the IOC meets in Peru this year, they could announce host cities for both the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics.  Currently, Los Angeles is battling Paris for the right to host the 2024 Games, with both cities preparing for this September's announcement.  Olympics watchers say if the rules change, whichever of the two cities doesn't get the 2024 Olympics could be immediately announced as the host city for 2028. 

Photo: Getty Images