Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York CityIt has been confirmed which bibles both President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice President- Elect Mike Pence will be using this Friday at the inauguration.

Trump will be using two bibles "his childhood Bible that he’s owned for more than 60 years. He’ll also be using the famous Lincoln Bible as well." President-elect Trump is humbled to place his hand on Bibles that hold special meaning both to his family and to our country.

trumps childhood bible


The President-elect was first given this Bible when he was eight years old, just two days shy of his ninth birthday. The date was June 12, 1955, the day he graduated Sunday Church Primary School at First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, New York. His mother, Mary Anne, presented it to him and he’s kept it ever since.

The Lincoln Bible was first used on March 4, 1861, for the 16th president's inauguration. 

lincolns bible

Lincoln's bible has been only use in 3 inaugurations, Lincoln, both of Obama's and now Trump's. 

 Vice President-elect Mike Pence, meanwhile, will take the oath using the Reagan family Bible:

(FILES): This January 21, 1985 file phot

"President Ronald Reagan placed his faith in a loving God and the goodness of our country. He set out to change a nation and in doing so, he changed the world. In the march of history, Ronald Reagan's time in office was limited, but his legacy inspired a generation and will continue beyond,"

By law Presidents are not required to use a bible. John Quincy Adams used a US law book and Theodore Roosevelt did not use a book at all.