Major League Baseball intends to ban home plate collisions as early as the 2014 season, citing a general concern about concussions. Baseball’s all-time hit king Pete Rose joined JT ‘the Brick’ to share his thoughts on the new ban, and poke a few holes in baseball’s argument.


Pete Rose: “Over the last, recent many years, I don't remember any catchers getting concussions. Now of course the name that is going to come up is Buster Posey. Alright, Buster Posey got his foot caught behind his other foot; that's why he got an ankle problem on the collision at home plate up in San Francisco. So you know the guy I can remember in baseball to receive a concussion in the last couple of years, JT, was Justin Morneau. And he got it sliding into second base!"


Pete Rose went on later to explain how the new ban will turn plays at the plate into a Pro Bowl-like atmosphere:


Pete Rose: “What you're going to start to see, JT, you're going to have a lot of plays that look like the Pro Bowl did two years ago. Guys were just going through the motions and worrying about getting hurt. Is the runner going to take a chance, knowing he is going to get a $25,000 fine? He might get suspended two or three days. I just think it's putting a load on everyone involved, and I don't think it's really necessary."