December 7, 2016

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, 75 years ago the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor. Japan did severe damage but they knew America would not tolerate it and they feared they just awakened a sleeping giant – and they did. Those heroes fought for an America which cared about freedom, not top-down big government intervention. Also, big government subsidies are not true to Americans and freedom. The vast majority of Americans don’t get and don’t want subsidies. We don’t need a Mussolini type figure walking around determining which businesses will fail and which businesses will succeed, we don’t need that in America. We need freedom, and there’s too little of it. President-elect Donald Trump has a job to do, and his job is to get the government off our backs, we don’t need handouts from Trump. This isn’t a third world banana republic. Just get out of our way and let Americans do what they do best. Later, Soft Bank is going to invest $50 billion in America and create 50,000 new jobs supposedly. Trump thinks this is a good thing, but this will just increase the trade deficit America has. The overwhelming amount of trade deficit is people sending foreign assets into this country. Trump’s job is to put a leash on the government, not unleash the private sector. Finally, Trump should not be trashing Boeing. Boeing is an America company that employs American workers. Currently, they are in brutal competition with Airbus. Trump is going to be a very mixed bag over the next 4 years. Some of his instincts are excellent but others are poor.



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