December 19, 2016

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, Bill Cunningham of WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio fills in for Mark. There was terrorist strike in Berlin and the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was assassinated. Let’s face it this is Islamic terrorism. Most likely this wouldn’t have happened but for the failures of President Obama. When it comes to Libya, Syria, and foreign relations in general, the world was better off 8 years ago before Obama took the helm. Russia wasn’t invading Syria, Iraq was basically functioning, Iran wasn’t on a path to nukes and North Korea didn’t have missiles aimed at the U.S. Compared to George W Bush, Obama’s presidency has been an unmitigated disaster. Also if Democrats continue to blame the Russians, fake news, James Comey and the Electoral College for their loss, they will continue to promote their decline. Are we to believe that the coal miners in West Virginia were tricked by Putin into voting for President-Elect Donald Trump? The Democrats lost the House, Senate, Presidency and governorships because of their policies. The Blue Wall wasn’t cracked but was shattered by blue collar, white voters that were fed up with the policies of Obama and Hillary Clinton. If Democrats change their policies and go back to normal, they would actually be competition. Finally, Alex Triantafilou, an Ohio Elector calls in to talk about the pressure electors faced to switch votes from Donald Trump.


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