December 6, 2016

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, The Democrats are threatening virtually every person President-elect Donald Trump is nominating to his cabinet, including General James Mattis. They are doing this, because of a 1947 statute that prohibits a former member of the armed forces from serving in a cabinet post within 7 years of retirement. What Trump and his team need to do is challenge this and bring it to the Supreme Court if necessary. The 1947 statute is not in the Constitution. Later, the Electoral College has nothing to do with slavery as Rep John Conyers says. The left wing tenured professors that claim this don’t know what they are talking about. Population should not dictate everything that happens in the U.S. The Framers of the Constitution rejected mobocracy, yet people still want it. Also, support for the Electoral College is the highest it has ever been in America over 49 years of polling according to Gallup. After that, when it comes to foreign policy the president-elect is free to speak to whomever he wants to. Trump spoke with the president of Taiwan and China is running to the U.N. to protest. While they are not going to start a war over it, Trump better start building the military as quickly as possible. We are not the provocateurs or imperialists, but as America we must not appease.



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