Mark Lauretti's Abrupt Re-Entry To Gov Race

He was at Stefanowski's primary victory party in Madison. Upon endorsing Bob, Shelton's longtime Mayor uttered the words "If it's not me, it should be him." 

So why did Mark Lauretti pull an about-face and toss his hat back in the ring, seeking the Independent nomination? 

Lauretti said, “The thing that I try to impress upon people when they ask me why I’m doing this — I’ve got a lot invested in my public life. I’m not going to be judged by people who have no idea or comprehension of what I’ve done on behalf of the public in terms of changing the face of a city and allowing people to thrive in the state of Connecticut.”


In a race that has been described by many analysts as "a toss-up," especially thanks to a recent poll, Lauretti looks to only muddy the water here. Is there something bigger going here? 

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