Digging Deeper With Bob Post-Debate #2

The debate sponsored by the Connecticut Realtors was the second face-to-face debate of five between Lamont and Stefanowski. 

Outside the Shubert Theatre, supporters for both candidates cursed at each other and exchanged insults. Several New Haven police officers stood between the opposing factions and kept the peace.

Oz Griebel, an independent petition candidate, had unsuccessfully called on a boycott of the debate if he was not included. He wasn't, and wound up spending the evening, and quite a few bucks, having pizza and beer at nearby BAR. He foot the bill for some of his supporters. 

According to longtime New Haven journalist Paul Bass: "The Shubert theater staged a revival Monday night of the historic 1960 Kennedy-Nixon campaign debate. Bob Stefanowski played the role of John F. Kennedy. True, Kennedy was a Democrat. Stefanowski is a Republican, a very conservative Republican, running for governor for 2018, not for president. But Monday night he did to his Democratic opponent Ned Lamont what Kennedy did to Republican Richard Nixon." 

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