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The Howie Carr Show

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Chopped Chumps - 2.3.23

New England Could Use Some of this Global Warming Right Now, Eh? - 2.3.23 - Howie Carr Show 4

Parts of New Hampshire will reach negative 150 degrees tonight, but the Boston Globe will probably come out with more climate change hysteria next week. Then, tune in for more theories on The Balloon and Brandon's lack of action.

Does the Balloon Controversy Have Any Substance or is the Hysteria Purely Hot Air? - 2.3.23 - Howie Carr Show 2

What would you do if you were the Commander in Chief and a mysterious Chinese surveillance balloon were floating freely above Kansas? If you're answer isn't "absolutely nothing," then you'd do more than President Biden and his Department of Defense. Howie discusses the CCP spy balloon and responds to some theories from listeners!

Police Blotter Fax Friday: Thin Mints and Pink Pigeons - 2.3.23 - Howie Carr Show 3

You know crime is out of control when they're going after the Thin Mints! Grace and Howie share the wackiest stories from your local constabulary. This week, the stories include snakes, pigeons, and lots of chickens. Tune in to hear which story wins!

Maybe Don Lemon Needs a Break from the Limelight... or is it Lemonlight? - 2.3.23 - Howie Carr Show Hour 1

It's not everyday China sends a surveillance balloon over the Pacific Ocean! Then, Howie and Grace discuss the outbursts from Don Lemon on CNN this morning to his co-host, Kaitlan Collins. Is it time for Lemon to go? The duo reminisces on past host slip-ups and mishaps while on camera.

New Project Veritas Video Suggests Pfizer Jab was Affecting More Than Just Monkeys - 2.3.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 3

Turns out that Project Veritas date-gone-wrong wasn't the only interaction between the Pfizer executive and the undercover reporter. On a separate date, the urologist claimed that the jab was affecting women's menstrual cycles...and the vaccine was never recalled! Then, Grace welcomes Emma Foley to the show to talk Ukraine, Pro-Life issues, and being a young, conservative woman!

Get China the Heck Off Our Lawn and Actual Tears in Congress with Libby Emmons - 2.3.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 2

Grace welcomes Libby Emmons of The Post Millennial to discuss the Chinese Spy Balloon floating above the United States. Libby wants China to get off our lawn! She believes this is a clear intimidation tactic by the CCP. Then, should kids be on social media? The Biden administration says teens should not be on social media. Does it have something to do with how free it's becoming?

There's a Mysterious Chinese "Surveillance" Balloon Floating Above the United States - 2.3.23 - Grace Curley Show Hour 1

Grace shares the biggest story of the day: the Chinese surveillance balloon bopping around above North America. It makes Grace think of the 2009 incident with "Balloon Boy," where a family lied about their son being stuck in a balloon so it wouldn't be shot down. The Pentagon claims they won't be doing anything about the balloon. Tune in to see if Grace thinks this is the right idea!

Morning Minute: Rashida Tlaib Throws Temper Tantrum - 2.3.23

Wait, so flailing your arms and crying on the House floor won't get you everything you ask for? Maybe next time the Squad members should hold their breaths until their faces turn purple. Maybe then the big bad Republicans will give in!

Chopped Chumps - 2.2.23

Enjoy these Chopped Chumps, came out of their hole!