Project Never Forgotten

Evening Sky Brewing

Burlington, CT: Evening Sky Brewing Co “Project Never Forgotten” Fundraiser 1.28.23 and beer unveiling! 12:30pm to 9:30pm

Evening Sky Brewing Company held a smaller fundraiser shortly after the incident in Bristol this past October, but like many others wanted to do more. After the team at Evening Sky brainstormed, they came up with “Project Never Forgotten”, and opted to design a completely new beer to honor the lives and service of Lieutenant Dustin Demonte and Sergeant Alex Hamzy. Working with contacts at Bristol PD, they obtained a digital copy of the new Never Forgotten sticker that has been circulating around and decided to make a custom beer label.

The Evening Sky Brewing company tries to host a meaningful charitable event on a monthly basis, this one in particular is very near and dear to their hearts.

"While we typically give a percent of proceeds from the day of an event to charity, with this event, considering the emotion surrounding it, we will give a percent of proceeds of all sales of “Never Forgotten” every day we make a sale, whether from our taproom or through broader distribution! We are hoping that we set a precedent and can see additional beer releases to support other meaningful charities!" - Charles J. Clampett Founder, C.E.O., Evening Sky Brewing Company

 "January 28th is going to be our small way to say THANK YOU HEROES!" - Evening Sky team