Weird News

TLC Star Could Get 10 Years In Prison For Polygamy
J.K. Rowling Has Moving Response To Fan With Depression
Doritos Shortage In New York City
Woman Buys $600 Worth Of Girl Scout Cookies, Tells Girls To...
Keyboard Cat Has Passed Away at Age 9
Herd of Horses Takes Over Highway Near Atlanta
Double Amputee Attempts To Make History By Climbing Mount Everest
Steakhouse Offering 200-Ounce Steak Challenge
Creepiest Doll Ever Found Sitting In A Cemetery
Kids Get Epic Revenge On Mom Who Took Their Phones
Police: FL Woman Gouged Out Mother's Eyes, Saved Them In Cardboard Box
Drew Barrymore Doesn't FaceTime Her Kids Because 'It's Disruptive'


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