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Investors are pricing in interest rate hikes

China is using an old US trick to save its economy

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane take a look at what is driving the current market rally. Can Big Tech answer some of the looming AI questions? What is Tesla going to do to dig itself out of its downward spiral? China is taking a page out of the US's playbook on how to save an economy. GM posts a strong first quarter, but is it sustainable? Apple's problems in China are only worsening.

US vs China internet war heats up with latest TikTok ban

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss how the latest TikTok ban proposal in the US House is going to get major pushback from China. Tesla and Li Auto cut prices in China as EV competition ramps up. Reversing the real-estate doom loop is possible, just ask Detroit. Americans have a new TV habit. Subscribe, watch, cancel, repeat.

Can Big Tech's earnings reverse to market's slump?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss how poorly things shaped up to end the week. Can Big Tech's upcoming earnings prop the market back up? How not to invest in the bond market. Is the Fed's forecasting method outdated? Home sellers have given up waiting for favorable rates. Big banks have been pushed aside for giant fund managers. 

Money-Market funds look tempting, but you need to avoid this mistake

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss China ordering Apple to remove popular messaging apps. Those who bet against the dollar are paying the price right now. Money-market funds look like a tempting place for your cash. But don't make this mistake. Paul LaMonica joins the show to chat about Tesla's recent slide and why some are still thrilled with Tesla's results.

Netflix gains millions of subscribers, but stock tumbles

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss the swings the markets have taken over the last 24 hours due to tensions in the Middle East. A Bank of America strategist believes rates jitters are causing the high volume of stock outflows. Tesla's latest issue with the Cybertruck. Netflix password crackdown delivers millions of new customers, yet the stock drops. Will next week's earnings prove the bulls right? Sony is in talks to join the bid to purchase Paramount.

Amazon's secret operation to gather intel on rivals gets exposed

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong dive into Amazon's secret operation to spy on rivals. Americans are sick of 0.01% yields create new dilemma for Wall Street. Are there too many passive investors? Is that actually a thing? The IRS has some new rules that you might need to be aware of.

Strong data releases are making the Fed's job much harder

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss why US yields rising off strong data is making the Fed's job much harder. March home sales dropped despite a surge in supply. Nvidia's biggest manufacturer doubles down on AI. The lowest salary Americans will accept at a new job reached a record high. Pension funds are pulling hundreds of billions from stocks. Boeing engineer says safety concerns are ignored inside plane maker. Airline executives predict a record summer and even more demand for first class.

What has gone wrong for Tesla and the Cybertruck?

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane discuss the top US banks posting better than expected results off the back of strong consumer spending. Biden is seeking higher tariffs on Chinese steel. Tesla delays deliveries of the Cybertruck, further confusing buyers. Tesla is seeking to have Elon Musk's $56B pay package reapproved by investors. Is there already a shift taking place in the chips sector? Should governments tax the looming boomer wealth transfer?

Ask Todd: How to change your beneficiaries

On this week's edition of Ask Todd, Todd Lutsky shares the best practices for leaving assets to your beneficiaries, how to change your beneficiaries, and how to protect your assets before leaving them to your beneficiaries.