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What caused Ford to drop to its lowest level in four years?

What caused the worst day on markets in two years?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss yesterday's massive tech sell off that caused the worst day on markets since 2022. Are small cap stocks the new darlings for investors? The US economy grew at a 2.*% pace in the second quarter, much more than expected. Emotional investing is bad investing. The Fed may be two meetings away from a major mistake. 

Ask Todd: Learn how to get on medicaid at the last minute

Todd Lutsky explains what tools are available for those who failed to plan before needing to go on Medicaid. Todd also explains the benefits of long-term care insurance and how flexible irrevocable trusts are.

Why do so many Americans believe the country is in a recession?

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti explain to the 3 in 5 Americans who believe the country is in a recession why that isn't the case. What are the competing opinions on future rate cuts by the Fed? Is the hottest job market in a generation already over? Your cup of coffee is already expensive, and it is about to get even more expensive. 

Markets are not impressed with Google and Tesla

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti discuss the earnings results from Google and Tesla and why markets are reeling in their wake. Has Google misjudged the growth of AI? Is Tesla missing the boat on AI? Todd Lutsky joins the show for his week'y segment, Ask Todd, where he explains how to get on medicaid at the last minute.

Why the CrowdStrike outage is a major warning for banks

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti explain why the CrowdStrike outage is another sharp warning for banks. Google talks to acquire cybersecurity startup Wiz fall apart. GM lifts earnings outlook as US market carries load. Elon Musk has his mojo back. Can you send some mojo to Tesla? Alexa is in millions of households, and Amazon is losing billions. The 401(k) rollover mistake that costs retirement savers billions.

How have markets been reacting to recent political events?

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti discuss how recent politically events have been moving markets. Investors remember 'stocks can go down too' in return to hedging. June home sales slump, pointing to a buyer's market as supply increases. Why is the deficit so big? Depends on who you ask. America's 60-year-olds are staring at financial peril. McDonald's will extend the $5 meal deal at most US restaurants.

Why aren't Americans having babies?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong want to know why so many Americans are choosing not to have babies. American borrowers are on shaky ground, how long can this last? How can you avoid the 'Social Security Torpedo"? EVs are cheaper than ever. Can car buyers be won over? Airbnb hosts want guests to come to them directly.

Now that Joe Biden has left the Presidential race how will markets respond?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss if markets could unwind the ‘Trump trade’ after Biden drops out of presidential race. Investors count on earnings to calm $900 billion US tech rout. A stock-market rotation of historic proportions is taking shape. Flight cancellations caused by tech outage continued over the weekend. Ble screens everywhere are the latest tech woe for Microsoft. Why are job seekers losing confidence? Massachusetts moves closer to mandating employers to disclose salary ranges on job postings.

How long can Netflix hold onto its streaming crown?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss Netflix's earnings report and how the company continues to dominate the streaming space. The Fed prepares for September cut as Powell shifts focus to jobs. Banks are offering bigger cash bonuses. But you will need to know much more before changing banks. $15 minimum wage for tipped workers headed to ballot. No taxes on tips? A Trump idea gains ground. Paul LaMonica joins the show to chat about AmEx.