Dollar Tree Raising Prices Over a Dollar Because of Tariffs

Dollar Stores On The Rise As The Erosion Of  The Middle Class Continues

Folks who shop at stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General could soon be seeing prices start to go up. According to a report from Reuters, executives say that the new tariffs with China will affect their stores and customers will like see an increase.

From the report:

While Dollar General said it expects increased tariffs to lead to higher prices even though it was working with vendors to mitigate the impact, Dollar Tree did not elaborate on the impact of additional levies on its consumers and business.

As of right now there's no confirmation as to when these price increase will happen, but don't be surprised if your neighborhood dollar store quickly becomes the $2-$3 store.

Other companies like Walmart, Best Buy, and Macy's have also said they could see their sales impacted due to the new tariffs on China.

Source: Reuters Photo: Getty

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