Couple Celebrates Over Eight Decades of Valentine's Days Together

Today, the world's oldest married couple is celebrating another Valentine's Day together. This February 14th will mark over 80 Valentine's Days that the two have been each other's special valentine.

John Henderson, 107 and his wife, Charlotte, 105 made history last year as the world's oldest living couple in the Gusiness World Records.

They have been married for 80 years, but have been together a total of 85 years.

The two met in class at the University of Texas when they were seated near each other. John says he noticed Charlotte right away.

The two still celebrate Valentine's Day and John makes a homemade valentine for his wife every year.

The Henderson's never had children and spent their time together traveling the world.

When asked what their secret is John says,

"Never go to bed at night with a chip on your shoulder and be glad you're with each other."

Happy 85th Valentine's Day to the happy couple!

You can check out a video interview with The Henderson's here.

Source: The Today Show

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