RaeLynn Announces Pregnancy, Expecting First Child With Husband Josh Davis

A lot to celebrate! On her 27th birthday, RaeLynn announced that she is pregnant and expecting her first child — a baby girl — with husband Josh Davis.

On Instagram, RaeLynn wrote, "Well this Georgia Peach and Texas Rose did the thing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I’m 27 years old and 21 weeks into carrying our BABY GIRL." She added in another post, "We already have so much love for this little flower child. I can’t wait to be her Momma and to watch Josh be her Dad."

Talking to PEOPLE, the country singer/songwriter explained that over the last year, she and Josh, "thought more about the important things in life — and for us, that is growing our family." She added, "I for sure thought I was having a boy — I don't know why; I just did. Josh's gut feeling the whole time was a girl, so he was right for sure. I didn't care either way, though."

RaeLynn is due sometime in September, and explained on Instagram, "Excited for our world to be turned upside down in September cause GOD MADE GIRLS BABY," a reference to her hit single "God Made Girls."

RaeLynn also revealed that she and her husband have already decided on their daughter's name, but are keeping it to themselves for now. The "Voice" alum also revealed that being around so many women in country music and wives of country music stars has been helpful to her, and one of the first people she told the news to, aside from her own family of course, is Kane Brown's wife, Katelyn Brown. She told PEOPLE:

"Katelyn [Brown] was the first friend I told outside of my family and she cried with me because it's been a dream of mine for a while to be a mama. She has been such a light for me during this process. She and Summer Pardi have become some of my rocks during this quarantine year. I told Maren [Morris] and she was so excited! I honestly have been so fortunate to have had so many amazing women — Lauren Lane, Brittany Aldean, Hayley Hubbard — help me with tips on what I'll really need. I'm a pretty lucky girl." 

Congratulations to RaeLynn an Josh!

Photo: Getty Images