Couple Accused Of Spilling 500 Gallons Of Oil Across 33 Miles Of Roads

Oil on a wet, cracked road near a manhole

Photo: Getty Images

An Alabama couple was arrested for allegedly spilling 500 gallons of oil along a 33-mile stretch of roads. The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office said they started receiving numerous calls about oil on the streets.

When officers went to investigate, they found a massive oil slick and followed it as it crossed county lines. Residents assisted officers with their investigation, providing surveillance videos that showed a blue GMC pickup truck pulling a trailer with a large container.

Officials said the container would randomly release oil along the road. The couple drove for over 30 miles before they released the rest of the oil on a street in the town of Decatur.

Investigators identified the truck's owner and took Keith Allen Clarke and Laura Clarke into custody. They were charged with criminal littering and criminal mischief (damage to public property). Officials said they could face additional charges.

LCSO Chief Deputy Brian Covington told WHNT that workers spent 70 hours and used nearly 37 tons of sand to soak up the oil, which is still visible on the roads.

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