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Meet Precious, a Pup Stuck in a 10-Year-Old Dog's Body!


Beagle/Jack Russell terrier mix

10 years old

Spayed female

Black, tan and white


~ I can live in a single-family home.

~ I want to live with kids over 10.

~ I need a cat-free home.

~ I might like to live with a dog but want to meet them first.

~ I am a high energy kind of dog and am looking for a home where I can get lots of exercise every day.

~ My behavior is very typical for my breed. I need an active family with high energy hound or terrier experience.

Age is just a number, right? Well Precious sure thinks so. Precious is just over 10 years old, but her mind and body are ready to run! Precious loves going on hikes or jogs that last for miles. Because she’s part beagle, Precious follows her nose the whole way through her walks. She loves to follow smells and chase little woodland creatures. Her terrier side makes her LOVE to talk and sing. Everyone knows where Precious is located because they can hear her voice. This beautiful, sweet girl is looking for an active family that is ready for long hikes and lots of playtime.


See more here, or come visit in person. CHS is a private organization with locations in Newington, Waterford and Westport and the reduced-fee Fox Memorial Clinic for owned pets, and is not affiliated with the government or any other animal welfare organizations. CHS’ work is made possible 100% through the generosity of donors.

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