Vinnie Penn has been a voice on Connecticut radio for over 25 years. He first hit the WELI airwaves in Fall 1996, only to soon be tapped to co-host Glenn Beck's KC101 morning show in the studio next door. By 2001 Penn was a regular on Howard Stern (even making broadcasting history by being on with Stern on 9/11). Vinnie left KC101 and moved to Sirius Satellite Radio in 2005, while his writing began appearing everywhere. He contributed the short story "Diary of a Superhero" to the Contemporary Press anthology "Danger City", which was immediately optioned to be made into a TV series for Sony. He contributed regularly to Maxim, MSN, Hit Parader, Parent, and Cracked, to name a few. Even the late, great Circus Magazine! He did a season of VH1's popular series Best Week Ever, while also appearing regularly on Showbiz Tonight, Fox & Friends and Nancy Grace. Vinnie's first non-fiction hardcover, "Guidos Credos", landed on shelves in December 2008, with his second book, "DJ Zom-B & The Ungrateful Dead", released in 2012. His biggest-selling title, though, would be 2018's "Route One Food Run". He returned to CT radio, on 960/WELI, with the weekday morning talk show "The Vinnie Penn Project" in January 2010. It became simulcast on NewsRadio 1410 WPOP (Hartford) in 2015. "The Project" also aired regularly on Boston's legendary WRKO, and even Springfield's WTAG. In 2018 he also began being "the movie guy" for WTNH, taping his weekly "At The Movies" segment for Channel 8.