Ashley's? Sundae House? Wentworth? In Search of CT's Best Cone

Jessie's Girl at Ashley's

Oh man. The ice cream wars can be just as deadly as the pizza ones 'round these parts.

Wentworth Homemade Ice Cream in Cheshire is a total treasure. My son once ordered bubblegum ice cream there back when he was a wee lad and it was some of the most delicious ice cream I ever had.

I once spent a 4th of July in Milford and hit up the venerable Sundae House that's been there forever and had a toasted coconut cone to die for. (And the company was pretty great, too.)

But then there's Ashley's. While there is more than one Ashley's to go around, hence making it less of a traditional "ma and pa", they just get so darned innovative with the flavors. I had a Fruity Pebbles sundae there once that was outrageous!

And so the question is posed as summer 2021 begins: Where is the best cone in CT?